The professional exhibition for foam industry in China







China International Foam Industry Exhibition (Interfoam) is the only professional exhibition for foam industry in the Asia Pacific region, so, which is an annual grand meeting that professionals from foam industry cannot miss. Interfoam focuses on the displays of the latest foam production technologies and new properties, new technologies, new trends and new applications and so on and spares no efforts to create a professional platform integrating trade and exchange as well as brands display for both upstream and downstream of the foam industry and its application enterprises.

Exhibition Scale

Exhibition Area

6000 m2


5000 +


200 +

Exhibition Scope

Polymer foam materials and products;
Metal foam materials and products;
Other foam materials and products;
Raw materials for foam;
Foaming agent (Physical foaming agent, Chemical foaming agent);
Foaming auxiliary;
Foaming equipment、Cutting equipment、Mould、Adhesive、Auxiliary equipment, etc.
Associations、Scientific research institutions、Media, etc.

Professional Visitor Orientation

Aerospace, Military project, Shipping, Railway locomotive, Automobile, Electronics, Electrical Appliances, Building materials, Energy, Medical care, Sports and Leisure, Toys, Models, Daily necessities, Agriculture, Transportation, Packaging, Cushioning materials, Filtration and Special applications, etc.

What's the Targeted Buyer Program?

The TBP is the top management or professionals of companies producing, utilizing and selling foam, who take part in the Interfoam with a clear purchase intention or plan.

To this end, we have specially developed a Targeted Buyer Program to focus on inviting high-end players and leading companies in the industry and match them with intentional exhibitors to help them conduct one-on-one business meetings at the exhibition site.

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Why are you attending Interfoam?

China has the world’s leading market for foam production and application with many professional enterprises in the whole industry chain. Chinese foam industry attracts the attentions from global professional companies with its exported quality products. By taking advantage of the best opportunities in the Chinese foam market, Interfoam gives your company a head start in the fast-growing Asia Pacific market.

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Professional Visitor Orientation

In the exclusive meeting of professionals

To find new buyers & partners

To the fastest growing market in the world

To showcase your products and services

Facing the leading enterprises in the whole industry

To enhance the image of your company

Booth Application

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