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Why are you attending Interfoam?

China has the world's leading market for foam production and application with many professional enterprises in the whole industry chain. Chinese foam industry attracts the attentions from global professional companies with its exported quality products. By taking advantage of the best opportunities in the Chinese foam market, Interfoam gives your company a head start in the fast-growing Asia Pacific market.

Interfoam, as the only professional Chinese exhibition in the field of foam, will attract more than 200 exhibiting companies and more than 5,000 professional visitors from all over the world to gather in Shanghai. These exhibitors and visitors will communicate with those professionals from such applications as automobile, aerospace, building materials, packaging, medical care and health, sports and leisure, security protection, electronics and so on. During the exhibition, we will hold professional conferences on foam production and application.

Interfoam aims to create a first-class platform for communication, trade and brand display for the Chinese foam industry. Come to join us!

Exhibition Name: Interfoam Expo China 2022 (Interfoam)
Exhibition Date: 8-10 March, 2022
Exhibition Venue: SNIEC
Frequency: Annual

Professional visitors from:

Interfoam Professional visitors
Interfoam Professional Conference

“Redefine Foams”

The 2nd International Forum of Foams and Applications

"Redefine Foams" series forum is a high-end supporting forum activity at the same time of Interfoam Expo. The 1st International Forum of Foams and Applications has achieved great success.

The forum consists of four sections: "sustainable development", “expert lectures”, “innovation and development of foaming technology, process, raw materials and additives”, and "innovative solutions of foam materials in the vertical application fields". It is a high-end exchange platform for academic, technology, material application and sustainable development of foam industry.


2022.03.8 10:00

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Benefits for Exhibitors

Face to face with professional high quality buyers

Face to face with professional high quality buyers

Establish good communication with high quality buyers, R & D experts and decision makers from around the world.

We will invite professional buyers from all over the world and all of them invest in the best solutions and products with their specific needs and budgets. More than 80% of professional visitors in the 2021 exhibition will have a clear purpose for their visiting.

Showing products to the world

Showing products to the world

When industry professionals from around the world come to you, why do you travel around the world to find them?

You can meet with more than 5,000 professionals and decision makers from all over the world to showcase your latest solutions and products at the right opportunity to enhance your brand’s influence.

Free exhibitor’s marketing tools

Free exhibitor's marketing tools

On the official website of the exhibition, the function of “Online Exhibition Hall” will be opened and the consulting service for exhibitors will be freely pushed in the whole industry.

With the Online Exhibition Hall function, exhibitors can upload their company profiles and product information, so professional visitors can browse the exhibitor’s key information online at any time. The function of Exhibition Information will regularly push the latest news to companies in the whole industry, and it will also provide free advertising promotion services for all exhibitors.

Free product launch / technical forum service

Free product launch / technical forum service

During the exhibition, we will offer free conference venues and related services to exhibitors who rent more than a 36m2 booth.

The combination of exhibition and professional meeting is the best way for exhibitors to have their companies and products quickly known by target customers. Exhibitors, in this way, establish a good image in the mind of target customers by making the short exhibition time of several days.


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