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Interfoam 2022 Notification of New Date


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Mr. Ouyang


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Address Room 2003, Building A, Timecourt, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Mr. Andy Liu

Sr. Sales Manager,HJT EXPO

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email shaocheng.liu@interfoam.cn
Address Room 2003, Building A, Timecourt, Chaoyang District, Beijing

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Interfoam China 2022 - Notice of Postponement

Exhibtion news

Due to the epidemic and after careful consideration, we organizer has decided that the "Interfoam China 2022" originally scheduled to be held on July 6-8, 2022 at Shanghai New International Expo Center, will be postponed. The specific time and place will be announced later!

Innovative Foaming Process Leads PLA Foams towards Industrialization

Industry news

PLA heat-resistant tableware will become more practical, and foaming is an effective approach to process PLA at low cost. The rise of E-PLA tableware begins to meet people's need for a quick meal, and dramatically stimulates the growth of the biodegradable plastic market.

Sub-forum | Application and Solution of Foams in Cushioning Packaging

Exhibtion news

Sub-forum 1 Topics Announcement!

Rigid Polyurethane Foam Polishing Pads, Pad Products for Improving Semiconductor Integration

Industry news

Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) is currently the only technology capable of achieving both overall and partial planarization, enabling chipmakers to further reduce circuit areas and improve the performance of lithography tools. For polishing process, the two most crucial materials are polishing liquid and polishing pads.

Rigid Foam Core Materials | Structural Core for light-weight Components and Applications in Extreme Environments

Industry news

Foam core materials are widely applied in sandwich-structured composite materials with its unique properties, showing robust "hard core" strength in such industries as green building, automobile, aerospace, marine, wind energy, and sports, thus laying a solid foundation of high-performance materials for the development of the national economy.

Expert Talk | "Redefine Foams" The 2nd Foams and Applications International Forum

Exhibtion news

Expert Talk topics announcement! Please look forward to the topics for other sections of the forum.

Sustainability, Modification and Enhancement and Preparation Process of PLA Foams

Industry news

As a bio-based and biodegradable polyester with mechanical properties similar to polystyrene (PS), including excellent thermal insulation and impact resistance, PLA is commonly used as a polymer foam for packaging and insulation. PLA foams will be an alternative to EPS foams in packaging sector to reduce carbon footprint.

Wearable Foam Patches Provide Comfortable and Accurate Physiological Health Monitoring

Industry news

Welcome to a new field of foam applications — wearable smart patches.
Foam-based smart patches are flat, flexible and cunningly stealthy, enabling the monitoring of an individual's physiological condition during medical treatment, exercises, and leisure activities.

The Application of Foams and Porous Materials to Filter Hazardous Waste

Industry news

In recent years, with the advent of new materials and technologies, the research of the application of foams and porous materials in media filtration and separation field such as air filtration, particle adsorption separation and oil-water separation has become a hot spot, making important contributions to tackling the environmental crisis.

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