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Interfoam is the only professional exhibition for foam industry in the Asia Pacific region

will attract more than 200 exhibiting companiesfrom all over the world to gather in Shanghai.Focus on displaying the latest materials, technologies, equipment and products in the foaming material industry to best meet your needs

The online exhibition hall combines online and offline. Exhibitors display the latest products and latest developments online. Professional buyers can communicate with exhibitors online at any time to solve their needs in a timely manner.

Combining exhibitions and conferences, industry forums, technical seminars, new product launches and other activities will be held over the same period to fully participate in industry events.


Exhibitor List

Join in the Interfoam/ International Foam Industry Exhibition now so that your company can seize the market opportunity in the tide of creating China into a manufacturing power.


What's the Targeted Buyer Program?

The TBP is the top management or professionals of companies producing, utilizing and selling foam, who take part in the Interfoam with a clear purchase intention or plan.

To this end, we have specially developed a Targeted Buyer Program to focus on inviting high-end players and leading companies in the industry and match them with intentional exhibitors to help them conduct one-on-one business meetings at the exhibition site.

The TBP builds the most accurate and fast communication bridge between exhibitor and buyer. As a Targeted Buyer, you can communicate face-to-face with your interested exhibitors as soon as possible. At the same time, you can enjoy high-end services and access to the latest information in the foam industry. So, this is the best choice for you to quickly select products, meet new partners, open up new markets and promote your company and brand image.

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Professional Conference

Current status and future development trend of global foam market

With stricter requirements being imposed on the foam performance in the special fields such as aviation and aerospace and so on, the conditional foams have been unable to meet the special requirements for the materials’ strength, stiffness and heat resistance. High performance, therefore, has become a new direction and a hot spot for foam research. During the exhibition, leading experts in the industry will be invited to share the current status and future development trend of the global foam market.


2021.04.28 10:00

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Highlights of Exhibition


Professional exhibition platform

Since foam industry is a highly specialized filed, a professional exhibition platform is the best choice for industrial personages. By strengthening the interoperability of industry, we jointly promote the development of foam industry.


Fast-growing market

China has the world's leading market for foam production and its applications, and Interfoam timely provides an extremely good platform for China to connect the other world's companies in the foam industry.


Stage for industrial decision makers

We select and invite global professional buyers and more R&D and procurement decision-makers to visit the exhibition and to ensure that you meet with high-end professionals'face-to-face communication, thus getting the best opportunities.


Throughout the entire industrial chain

Whether you are a manufacturing enterprise or an application enterprise of foams, you can participate in the exhibition as a professional visitor, as the exhibition covers foam production materials and equipment as well as foam manufacturers throughout the foam industry chain.


Do you want to attend the Interfoam2021?

Show your brand, launch your latest products, and book a booth on the website.

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